10 Mar 2014

蕎麦がき ・ Sobagaki

I've got a new favorite: sobagaki. They are like Japanese buckwheat "gnocchi" or thick buckwheat porridge and so full of buckwheaty taste (resembling very much soba noodles, but so much easier to do. Well... in case you'd want to make the noodles from scratch...). Sobagaki are so versatile: you can eat it with diluted mentsuyu, with butter and shoyu/(or salt) (my new breakfast favorite), as gnocchi in a soup, as dessert with zenzai (sweet red bean soup) or with kinako (toasted soybean flour). You can also grill or fry them and eat with nori (like grilled mochi). And it's so easy to prepare:


serves two (though heavily depending on a dish)

100 g buckwheat flour
220 ml water

Mix until even. Warm up in a casserole and stir constantly. The paste will very soon thicken, keep stirring vigorously until a ball is formed. Take away from heat. You can shape the sobagaki with wet hands into a more nice shape (the traditional form seems to be a leaf-shape, I didn't bother). Make either small gnocchi, divide to two plates or flatten to "mochi" and grill them... you name it.

adapted from Nihonsoba

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