Soft White Nougat

I love Christmas and its preparations, the festivity and the feel of waiting. How early do you start to preparing for your Christmas? This post is a part of my annual Christmas series on the blog! Check my Christmas Calendar, too! 

I'm a bit late on posting this as on yesterday we were helping relatives with moving. It's so nice that we can help them, and especially on Christmas. After everything is packed and cleaned, we get to celebrate Christmas together. We'll leave for the cottage this afternoon and then start the Christmas preparations there. I'm thrilled :)

Here the recipe for a delicious and soft white nougat (and also a sneak peak for tomorrow's post! Don't tell the elfs!!!). I love how the nuts and seeds speckle the sweets and once you bite into the soft but sticky mass, you can feel the crunch from them. The mass is very sticky and it's easier to cut it, if you place it in the freezer for a moment before. You'll need a sugar thermometer to ensure the right temperature.

Soft White Nougat

makes appr. a 15x20 cm piece, which you can to desired-sized pieces

75 ml mild-tasting honey
150 g (175 ml) sugar
1 Tbsp water
1 eggwhite
150-200 ml pictachios, almonds, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds (or as much as you want)

Measure honey, sugar and water to a pot. Bring to a boil gently (don't let it actually boil untill all the sugar has dissolved). Cook about 10 minutes, until the mixture is 160 C. Take the pot off the heat.

Whisk the eggwhite with a sprinkle of salt until stiff peaks form. Pour the hot honey-sugar mixture in a steady ribbon to the eggwhite while whisking. Keep on whisking until the mixture stiffens. Add the nuts quickly by stirring and spoon the nougat onto a tin covered with a baking paper. Sprinkle some seeds or nuts on the top. Refrigerate until firm. If it doesn't get enough firm in a fridge, try placing it into freezer for a moment. Cut into desired-sized pieces and wrap them individually into baking paper. Store in fridge.

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