Mämmitryffelit - Rye Truffles

We had a lovely sunny Easter here in southern Finland. How about in your hometown? If you ended up with some leftover mämmi, you might want to create something else from it as Easter is over. This recipe is adapted from Mämmi cookbook by the cook of Italy's embassy in Finland. I was supposed to serve these at a brunch we arranged for our friends on Easter Monday. We could actually have the brunch on our balcony even though it faces north-west (so no sunshine before 4 p.m.). It seems unbelievable that during Easter it could be so warm. Foxtail approves (or not, he prefers cool weather actually...)

Next time I want to have more chocolate taste, so I might use substitute cocoa powder for carob. They look so much like chocolate truffles that it's actually little disappointing when you bite into them to discover they taste only merely chocolate-y. Anyway, they were good, especially with blueberries :)

There was also another recipe rye truffles in the book, but with chocolate. Maybe next time...

Mämmitryffelit - Malted Rye Pudding Truffles

makes appr. 15 truffles

220 g mämmi
1-2+ Tbsp carob powder
1-2+ Tbsp cocoa powder (or you can use 3-4 Tbsp cocoa powder substituting for carob powder)
powdered sugar, if needed
more cocoa powder for dusting

If your mämmi is very moist, give it a couple 30 sec cycles in microwave oven and take out of the micro between the cycles to let the steam evaporate. Add enough carob and cocoa powder to make the mass enough solid. Spoon little mounds on a plate thickly dusted with cocoa powder. Form them as you like (I made cubes). My technique was to roll the piece first in cocoa powder and them form it into a cube. (The mass is quite sticky, so this way I avoided much of the mess).

adapted from Ahmed Ladarsi: Mämmi.

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