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Christmas Cookie Edition: Saffron Rusks - Sahramikorput

Happy 1st of December! I'm a bit late this year but I just got my Christmas feeling and started planning on what to cook and bake this year and noticed I hadn't posted this favorite recipe of mine. Hands up if you need saffron spiced things for Christmas! I at least think I do. In Nordic countries the most traditional saffron spiced food/dish are probably Lucia buns, but if you want to try something different this year, these rusks are perfect! They are very addictive (if you take one there is no end...). There is that deep saffron taste, crumbly buttery texture and they are only mildly sweet, but still sweet enough to not be confused with savoury foods. Which is why they go so well with other Christmas cookies which are generally sweeter. That partially hard, partially very crumbly texture makes them absolutely moreish! They keep well in room temperature if stored in airtight containers (and away from eager eaters...). I've tweaked the recipe a bit by leaving out c

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