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Poppy Seed Rolls - Unikonsiemenpuustit

I just have to start this post by saying what a week it has been! (If you are only interested in the recipe, scroll down...). I just need to share everything that's happened. Phew... Where to start... First, a couple weeks ago we got a letter telling an apartment was sold in our house. Looking at the price it was sold it seemed fishy... It was so cheap! One couldn't buy an apartment at that price in Helsinki, let alone in our district. We thought then if we should use our right to claim it. (We are living in an old house and it's stated in our house rules that the owners have a right to claim sold properties.) I was a bit hesitant since I thought where the catch is as it was so cheap. Then just a day before the claiming deadline was, we got another letter which was from the buyer. Someone had already announced their claim. Then we decided to join the game which involved negotiations with the bank, pawning our apartment and lots of calls. While we were at the middle of

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