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Kitchenfoxtales is meant for all of you homecooks, bakers and foodists alike interested in cooking simple, yet delicious meals, with a special emphasis on Finnish home cooking specialities.

It is a place where you'll find me posting what I'm enthusiastic and inspired about at the moment, be it an ingredient, Finnish home cooking classic I'm craving for or a completely new dish I've stumbled upon and want to try (I'm known for cooking stuff I've never even tasted before and didn't know the taste of).

If you share my love to Japanese and/or Finnish home foods, country-specific traditional recipes (I love exploring foreign cultures by their recipes), pumpkins, yoghurt, apples and coffee, you should find here inspiration and recipes to try.

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How it got started...

In 2011-2012 I spent a year in Japan as an exchange student and fell totally in love with the completely different cuisine and the level of enthusiasm which people appoint to food there. During my exchange year I started craving for Finnish home cooking classics too (read my Finnish food posts here and my home cooking series here). I started this blog wanting to share my love for both cultures. Sometimes I like to bring some science to my kitchen too (you can take the girl out of the lab, but…) [unfortunately I've done those posts only in Finnish]

Cooking for others rather that just for myself has been my passion for many, many years. But without one’s own family I get to cook for others quite rarely. Through my kitchenfoxtales I can share my cookings at least in this small corner of the web with you! One of the aspects why I started this blog, was to have it as a channel to share my ambitious plans of pastry. I was feeling sorry for having too few special occasions to celebrate with fancy pastries. Though now I'm being too busy with everything to bake them, let alone blog about them. Even though I love making fancy desserts, I'm now mostly focused on simple meals, but every now and then I might make a post on some very intricate recipe, involving many steps etc. The blog offers me a good platform to show what's happening in my kitchen and also to be a recipe collection of past kitchen successes (or non-successes...).

I don’t post about foods I don’t eat 100%: actually one of my greatest struggles is getting a proper picture of the portion before I eat it (I usually get so hungry while I'm cooking, so I try to take the photos too hastily and don't get good enough photos...)

I have been slowly building this little kitchenfox(fairy)tale since the summer of 2012. I’ve learned so much about photography, cooking and writing ever since (if you want to see how the blog looked, when I started, well... the posts are still there...

Actually what I love doing, when bumping into an interesting blog, is to browse to the first posts and see how they were. The beginnings seem to reflect the personality of the blogger so well and one can also see a huge development in style, writing, photography, recipe-lopment...

On the name...

The name of the blog comes from the fact that my late corgi, Foxtail, ate practically anything (and everything) and was always keen to accompany me in the kitchen, following how and what I was cooking. Unfortunately he got sick in spring 2017 and ever since I've had to continue Kitchenfoxtale by myself. The name derives from a Finnish proverb ketunhäntä kainalossa which can be translated as "having a foxtail in the armpit", referring to having an ulterior motive (as foxes are vile and cunning).

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you, so please comment on how you like these kitchenfoxtales. Which of the recipes do you like or want to try?


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About Tuulia...

In addition to updating her blog, she:
-works in a hospital lab
-visits nearby cafés, especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon
-dances and dreams of perfect turnout, extensions and pirouettes

She lives in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, but is always dreaming about moving abroad (mainly to Japan!). Her main loves (in the field of food) include apples, yoghurt, quark, oat and rice. She has a special place in her heart for bread, too (and all foods made of carbohydrates...).

For the first 5 years of the blog she thought not to write any About page. Despite the fact that she is always eager to know something about a person behind their blog.

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