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I've been having an unintentional summer holiday. Well, only here (I've been working whole summer with electrophoresis and coagulation). I had lots of posts in progress at the beginning of July but then I went to London (I'm planning on making a travel post, please wait for it!) and then we had the warmest July I can remember. I lose my appetite (or rather my cooking urge) when it gets hot. Instead I just nibble on bread, fruit and yoghurt. And ice-cream, lots of it! And I've been busy with my dear friend's wedding preparations :)

I got also a souvenir from Netherlands, my favorite cookie: stroopwafel. The traditional way is to put it on top of your coffee (or tea) mug  and let it sit there a couple minutes so that the hot steam from the drink warms the waffle (and most importantly: the syrup in between). I like it very hot, so sometimes I heat it up on top of my toaster. I still have many ways I want to try these waffles, maybe hot with ice-cream sandwiched between two waffles. A match made in heaven :P

P.S. Lately I've been thinking about the name of my blog. Though it's apparent in my kitchen (who could ignore a corgi in the kitchen...) it's not very visible here that Foxtail participates eagerly. He loves to lick bowls and pans and clean the floor if something drops (he even licks off the flour, umph!).  So here's a summer-y shot of him bathing in the sun.

He had his 8-year birthday two weeks ago, so Happy Bday, Foxtail! He had a "meat patties & cream" cake, which he enjoyed very much.

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