Cinnamon Bun Oatmeal

I can't understand why it took me so many years to come up with this idea. I love cinnamon buns and I love oatmeal. Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast: I eat it every morning. I've probably told here that I like to have my routines. The same goes to my mornings. On normal weekdays I tend to wake up quite early, around 5.30, go to shower, do some (minimal) make-up and dress myself. Then I begin my highly LEANed breakfast routines (I always try to optimize my daily life) which usually starts by letting the water run until it's cold (the plumbing here is just unbelievable). While I'm wasting the water resources, I measure the rolled oats to my small pot and then add the water (dry ingredient first - wet then, so I can use the same measuring cup). I let the oatmeal soak a couple of minutes before putting the heat on (it prevents the porridge from boiling over). I start my coffee maker and let the coffee drip straight to my mug (no reason to use the pot which then would have to be washed as I'm cooking coffee usually only for me). Meanwhile I've put the stove on on high heat and once a small bubbling can be heard from the pot, I turn the heat off and let the porridge steep under a lid while I'm drinking my coffee. Coffee doesn't go well with porridge... except maybe with this porridge.

But to the point (I have a tendency to digress). While I absolutely love eating my porridge (plain, with only a minimal amount of salt) every morning, I sometimes get a craving for cinnamon buns (usually in the evening when I'm too tired to bother go buying or bake them). But this cinnamon bun oatmeal can be made in an instant! It doesn't actually taste like a cinnamon bun but rather like cinnamon bun dough.

Cinnamon Bun Oatmeal (for one)

100 ml rolled oats
250 ml water
1 Tbsp brown sugar or muscovado (I used "fariinisokeri")
ground cinnamon
1 tsp butter
a drop (or two) of vanilla extract

Cook your oatmeal according to the packet's instructions (I mostly use instant oats). Once it's done,  add salt, sugar, cinnamon, butter and vanilla extract. Stir even and serve with some more cinnamon on top.

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