Everyday Cooking: Tuna Salad

This recipe has been waiting for so long... Usually I'm making this salad when I'm extra hungry and just need quickly something to eat (so I never have time to take a photo). This time I was being extra careful to start making my lunch early enough as I had decided to have both the time and the daylight to take the photos.

This is a dish I make, if not weekly, then at least twice a month. It's quick to assemble and I've usually got  everything for it in the fridge. The only ingredients required (in my opinion) are tuna (in brine, though if you like it more in oil, go ahead), Dijon mustard, something crunchy (salad, cucumber, julienned zucchini, lightly steamed broccoli...) and oil. All else is just optional :D This time I had some kale, so I tore it small pieces, seasoned it with salt and drizzled some extra-virgin rapeseed oil on and then massaged it until the leaves were soft and wilted. Extra-virgin rapeseed oil is the oil I'm using if the recipe asks for extra-virgin oil. It has a lovely nutty taste and lots of omega-3 fatty acids and besides, it's domestic product :)

The mustard really takes away the "fishy" taste of tuna, I recommend trying it for other tuna dishes too. How I came to discover it was just my laziness to not make a French salad dressing separately, but just to combine the ingredients straight on the plate.

Tuna Salad

(serves one hungry girl)

Tuna chunks (in brine) (sometimes I use the whole can (140 g tuna, drained), but normally 1/2-3/4 can is sufficient: I save the rest for making tsuna-mayo onigiri, yum!)
Salad vegetables: e.g. iceberg salad, julienned zucchini, cubed cucumber, tomato, marinated kale,...
2-3 tsp Dijon mustard, or to taste
cold-pressed rapeseed oil (or olive oil)
a dash of vinegar
(salt and pepper)

optional: capers, olives...

Wash the salad and dry it properly (use either a salad spinner or a dish cloth (you can make a salad spinner out of it easily: put washed salad leaves onto the dish cloth, gather the corners and spin! But be prepared that there will be drops of water everywhere, so you'd better do it outside or in a bath room...).

Shred the salad leaves to smaller pieces, add your selection of other vegetables and season the salad with vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Season the tuna with the mustard and arrange on the salad bed. Garnish with capers or olives.

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  1. huuu, looks good, it's my favorite kind of food



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