Eggs with Salmon Roe

To congratulate the coming year I feel a proper cocktail party is needed. Today was my last day at my former work place, so I didn't have enough energy nor time to plan a party so it will be just a home party instead ;) These eggs are an easy and festive dish to serve and make. You can serve them with other cocktail party appetizers or with e.g. asparagus and hollandaise or remoulade sauce.

Eggs with Salmon Roe aka Fish Egg Eggs

makes 6 pieces

3 hard-boiled eggs
about 30 g salmon roe
100 g sour cream (smetana)
chive or dill

Halve the eggs and cut a small piece away from the "bottom" to make it even. Whip the sour cream for 30-60 seconds to make it more firm (you probably won't be needing all the sour cream, but it is difficult to whip smaller quantities. 100 g should be enough for at least 10 egg halves or even more). Using a small star piping tip pipe it around the edges. Spoon some salmon roe in the middle and decorate with chive or dill.

Happy New Year 2016!!!

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  1. Wow!! Such a nice dish and its simple to make. I am a great fan of Eggs, and usually I make my all dishes with eggs. Thanks for sharing recipe here, as I am going to try this recipe. Can you help me in suggesting some menu items for a corporate party as these days I am busy with corporate event planning of my office. Help me please.

  2. Thanks! Please tell me how they were ^^ Unfortunately I don't have that many party menu suggestins here but I'll try to add something later.


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