Happy Independence Day, Finland!

It's Finland's Independence Day. To congratulate my home country I created yet another "Suomi" Cake. I got the idea ages ago from the Youtube channel Nerdy Nummies (it has a Super Mario tune!!! And you should definitely check the channel).

I divided the cake batter in equal portions, added some finely ground black sesame seeds to the other half and baked two cakes. Then after cutting the parts (I have made a tutorial how to cut the parts, but can't find it anywhere... typical...) I soaked the black sesame seed cake with lemonade I had dyed with blue food colouring. The frosting is made from a basic cream cheese frosting. Finally I decorated the cake with coconut flakes, star sprinkles and a flag ribbon.

Gosh, you can see from the pictures how dark it is (they were taken at quite an early coffee time, around three o'clock and I still had to use my bestest (=not so great) skills to make them look even slightly presentable...

Happy Independence  Day, Finland!!!

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  1. :D This cake is cute and creative. It made me smile :)


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