Runeberg's Porridge

From a pastry into a porridge theme continues... I've previously made cinnamon bun oatmeal and pumpkin porridge. This time I transformed our national poet's pastry into a porridge. Don't be intimidated by the yoghurt on the porridge, it's delicious! I often eat my oatmeal porridge with it (as long as the porridge isn't boiling hot it works really well!). When I first learned of such a combination I thought it sounded horrible but still decided to try it once and was immediately hooked.

Don't forget the rum, it suits well in this decadent breakfast...

Runeberg's Porridge (scroll down for the recipe in Finnish)

serves one

100 ml rolled oats
250 ml water
salt, to taste
1 tsp- 1 Tbsp brown sugar or dark syrup, to taste
1 tsp butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon
a pinch of cardamom
one drop of almond essence
1 tsp almond liqueur or rum

To decorate:
yoghurt and raspberries or raspberry jam

Cook your oatmeal according to the packet's instructions (I mostly use instant oats). Once it's done,  add salt, sugar/syrup, butter and spices (feel free to change the amounts according to your own taste). Stir even and decorate with raspberries or raspberry jam and yoghurt. Enjoy with fine poetry ;)

Runeberginpuuro 1:lle 

1 dl kaurahiutaleita
2,5 dl vettä
1 tl - 1 rkl fariinisokeria tai tummaa siirappia
1 tl voita
1/2 tl kanelia
hyppysellinen kardemummaa
tippa manteliaromia tai 1 tl mantelilikööriä tai rommia

jogurttia ja vadelmia tai vadelmahilloa

Keitä puuro paketin ohjeen mukaan. Lisää loput ainekset sopivissa määrissä oman makusi mukaan. Sekoita tasaiseksi ja koristele jogurtilla ja vadelmilla tai vadelmahillolla. Nauti runojen kanssa.

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