Syreenisokeri - Lilac-infused sugar

It's lovely when all the trees are flowering and it's summer again. The days seem so long with endless daylight here. Lilacs are blooming everywhere, their almost intoxicating smell wafting in air... I don't recall Tampere having this many lilacs, so at least once Helsinki is better ;)

It was totally awesome when I realized that one can CAN the early summer into a jar by making lilac-infused sugar. Just go for a lovely stroll outside and pick some lilacs. Quickly wash the branches and drain them. Nip the small flowers from the branch and dry the rest of the moisture with kitchen paper. Leave to dry for a day on the kitchen paper. Fill a glass jar with alternating layers of sugar and lilacs and leave to infuse for at least a week or two, though it can be stored much longer.

You can use it with any food where sugar is needed, but it suits best when sprinkled as a garnish, for instance on berries, fruit or pancakes.

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