Cinnamon Bun Raw Porridge

You might remember my post on Cinnamon Bun Oatmeal from last spring? This time (to celebrate the hot summer in Finland... not) it's time for the raw version. During the summer I usually change my breakfast routines a bit as I can't eat warm porridge if the weather is warm (I can tolerate drinking hot coffee unless it's a heat wave. In which case I turn to my steady favourite: cold-brewed coffee (the recipe can be found here. It's in Finnish though, but I've adapted it from Pioneer Woman, so you could check that one out, if reading Finnish recipes isn't one of your specialities).

But now back to this porridge: I love the texture chia seeds give it, without them it would be pure puré (lol). You could leave also some of the buckwheat unblended and stir it in later to leave some crunch.

Happy weekend!

Cinnamon (Bun) Raw Porridge (serves 1)

50 ml buckwheat groats (this refers to the unsoaked volume; sprouting will almost double it)
50-100 ml water and 2 dates/half a banana
or 100 ml milk (I used oat milk) and 0,5-1 tsp maple syrup/any sweetener, or according to taste
1/2 Tbsp chia seeds
vanilla extract

peanut butter
cocoa powder
sunflower seeds, soaked

Wash and soak the buckwheat according to these instructions (you could sprout them too). N.B. The volume is different for unsoaked, soaked and sprouted groats. The volume I'm referring to here applies to unsoaked volume.

Drain the water from the soaked buckwheat. Blend it with water+date/banana or with milk with your "weapon of choice" (my Bamix isn't optimal but I'm managing with it). Add more water or milk, if needed (to make it more "blendable"). Process until combined and smooth. Now add in the chia seeds and the rest of the ingredients. Let it stand in fridge for the chia seeds to form into a jelly (at least 30 min), preferably a couple of hours (they will make the porridge more solid). Enjoy with some cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Or, you could make a variation by adding some optional ingredients (or substitute them for cinnamon, but then it's not cinnamon (bun) porridge).

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