Cinnamon (Bun) Toast - Kaneli(puusti)paahtoleipä

It happens sometimes that I'm in acute need of a cinnamon bun. While the ones sold at nearby shops are bad, the ones made by Max's Cafe are very GOOD but the opening hours are a bit limited. Luckily I've already found a way to cure my acute cinnamon bun deficiency, but this one is even faster. I'm always wondering why the nice cafés close so early in Finland (actually I know the answer but the question lies beyond and beyond). After the day's work I'd love to spend time in a café, lazily drinking a coffee while reading, blogging, surfing the net. The only ones open late are usually dirty, pub-like and serving bad coffee and pastry.

Btw, did you notice the Finnish title: that is really a long word, right? :D (Resepti suomeksi sivun alalaidassa).

Cinnamon Bun Toast

1 slice of toast or brioche

Cinnamon butter:
1-2 tsp soft butter
2 tsp sugar
a dash of cinnamon
a small pinch of cardamom

Make cinnamon butter by mixing all ingredients and slather it onto your bread. Toast in a toaster oven or with the broiler function of your oven until the bread is golden brown and the butter has caramelized.

Adapted from the adorable and ever so invent-ious Steph of

Nopea apu akuuttiin korvapuustivajeeseen :)

Kanelipaahtis eli korvapuustipaahtoleipä

1 siivu (paahto)leipää tai pullapitkoa

1-2 tl pehmeää voita
2 tl sokeria
ripaus kardemummaa

Sekoita kanelivoin ainekset. Voitele sillä leipä- tai pullasiivu ja paahda uunissa grillivastusten alla (tai muussa paahtimessa jossa leipä voi olla horisontaalisesti), kunnes leipä on kullanruskea ja voi on karamellisoitunut.

Alkuperäinen resepti: iamafoodblogin ihana ja aina niin kekseliäs Steph.

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