Salmon Poke

A couple weeks ago I tasted salmon poke at a local restaurant. It was love straight away. The soy sauce and toasted sesame oil, yummy. And it was served on rice (I do love my rice). It had some macadamias sprinkled on and despite my previous experiences with them I still ended up tasting them. I thought I didn't like macadamias, I've found their taste quite bland and even a bit soapy at times but this time I got addicted. I still don't find their taste very intriguing but their magical crunchy yet chewy texture is so addicting. Immediately the next weekend I recreated the poke bowl and had to have macadamias in it.

(Btw, when I cooked this, it wouldn't have occurred to anyone, but now it seems funny to be posting a poke recipe as everyone is madly enthusiastic about pokémons haha)

Salmon Poke Bowl

serves 2

200 g fresh salmon
1 spring onion
1/2 sweet onion (or silver onion)
2 Tbsp light soy sauce (usukuchishoyu)
   or: 1 Tbsp Japanese soy sauce + 1 Tbsp water + 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
toasted sesame seeds
a few macadamia nuts
hot rice, to serve

(If you’re serving the bowl with rice, start by washing and preparing it. Otherwise this is a quick dish to prepare). Put soy sauce (and water and salt), sesame oil and cut onions into a bowl. Leave to macerate while you prepare the other stuff. Cut the salmon into cubes (appr. size of a normal dice; D6 to elaborate). Toast sesame seeds. Mix everything together and let marinate for about 5-10 minutes (not too long).

*Usukuchishoyu is a light soy sauce variety. It’s more salty than regular soy sauce (despite the name). It's lighter in soy flavour and colour.

Recipe adapted from Glorian Ruoka&Viini.

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