Blueberry Yogurt Semifreddo

Have you yet been foraging this autumn? (For autumn has already arrived here in the North). I love wandering in a forest, especially on these warm autumn days we've been enjoying lately. Forests are still full of blueberries which unfortunately are out of the season by now, overripe and watery. If you have access to blueberries, you should try this semifreddo. Semifreddo is an easy version of homemade icecream: you don't need to make any custards and most importantly you don't need an icecream maker. I've made it twice this summer, first for a family meeting and then to our German guests. On both occasions it took quite a long time for the semifreddo to thaw enough (it was hard, but really worth the wait: the texture and taste are so much better once it has softened enough).

Rowans are so full of berries this autumn! I love how they look, especially the orange variety, against the still green leaves. On the second time I served this, I had decorated it frozen rowan berries and the German guests were astonished if those really were "Vogelbeere" which they considered poisonous. I didn't expect anyone to eat them (as the taste is very bitter and tart), they were just for decoration. I also promised them they are not poisonous lol (actually they can be made into a jam/jelly).

Blueberry Yogurt Semifreddo

100 g blueberries + 25 g sugar or 100 ml blueberry jam

2 eggs
80 g powdered sugar

250 g Turkish yogurt (10 % fat)
2 tsp vanilla sugar (or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract)
50 g blueberries, pureed
200 ml whipping cream

To decorate: berries, blueberry twigs etc.

Cook 100 g blueberries and 25 g sugar into pourable jam (about 5-10 minutes) and let cool. Whisk eggs and sugar together until ribbon stage. Mix 50 g of pureed blueberries with 100 g yogurt and add 1 tsp vanilla sugar. Add half of the whisked eggs. Mix the remaining yogurt with 1 tsp vanilla sugar and the rest of the whisked eggs. Whip the cream and divide between the two mixtures. Pour first the purple mixture to a dish, pour the blueberry jam on and finish with the white mousse. Freeze for 3-4 hours. Let thaw some time in room temperature before serving. Decorate with berries etc.

Inspired by Fräulein Klein ja


100 g mustikoita + 25 g sokeria, tai 1 dl mustikkahilloa

2 kananmunaa
80 g tomusokeria

250 g turkkilaista jogurttia
2 tl vaniljasokeria
50 g mustikoita, soseutettuna
2 dl kermaa

koristeluun: esim. marjoja, mustikanvarpuja...

Keitä 100 g mustikoita ja 25 g sokeria  hilloksi (tai käytä valmista hilloa). Vatkaa munat ja sokeri vaaleaksi vaahdoksi nauha-asteelle. Sekoita 100 g jogurttia, 1 tl vaniljasokeria ja 50 g mustikkasosetta yhteen ja toisessa kulhossa 150 g jogurttia ja 1 tl vaniljasokeria. Jaa muna-sokerivaahto tasan näihin ja sekoita varovasti tasaiseksi (vaahto kannattaa lisätä muutamassa erässä). Vatkaa kerma vaahdoksi ja jaa myös tasan seoksiin. Kääntele tasaiseksi.

Kaada seokset jäädykemuottiin niin että hillo tulee väliin. Voit halutessasi myös marmoroida jäädykkeen upottamalla veitsen seokseen ja kääntelemällä muutamaan kertaan varovasti.

Pakasta 3-4 tuntia tai kunnes se on jäätynyt. Ota pehmenemään joksikin aikaa ennen tarjoilua ja koristele haluamillasi aineksilla.

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