Kale Salad

Autumn is coming <3 I like all seasons but that's my favorite. Those crisp, hazy mornings with the low, yellow-ish light. Leaves have already started getting their autumn tones and in the morning the grass is all wet from dew. Have you noted that autumnal scent already?

As much as I love seasonality in cooking, and in everything basically, I still feel pain when I have to say goodbye to some ingredients, be it pumpkins, kale or nectarines. They taste right only when it's their season. I'm preparing to say goodbye to nectarines, my favorite summer fruit. Lately they haven't tasted as sweet and seem a bit dry and mealy. But to comfort me, there are those delicious small Finnish apples that have all these imaginative names like Valkea Kuulas (White Transparent), Huvitus ("Amusement") or Punakaneli ("Red Cinnamon"). I've also spotted some delicious looking Hokkaido pumpkins (I made this soup already last week) and fresh kale. Last spring I made this salad almost until summer as I love it so, although kale is really a winter vegetable and can get too "woody" in the spring. Let the season of kale salad start ^^

This is really not a recipe at all but rather a way to serve it: The best way is just  to rub it with salt, vinegar and oil and when the slightly woody leaves are wilted, that's it: so yummy :)

Kale Salad

serves 3-4 as a side dish

200 g kale
~1-2 tsp vinegar (any, I like apple vinegar and red wine vinegar)
~2-3 Tbsp vegetable oil (I prefer extra virgin rapeseed oil, as it has nutty flavour)

Wash the kale leaves properly. Tear them into bite-size pieces taking off the thickest stems. Dry the leaves using a salad spinner or a kitchen towel. Rub then with salt, vinegar and oil until wilted. Check the favour and add salt, vinegar and oil if needed. (Season with pepper).



200 g lehtikaalia
n. 1-2 tl viinietikkaa (mitä vain, mutta itse pidän omena- ja punaviinietikasta)
n. 2-3 rkl öljyä (pidän kylmäpuristetusta rypsiöljystä, siinä on ihanan pähkinäinen maku)

Pese lehdet ja revi ne suupalan kokoisiksi poistaen samalla paksuimmat lehtiruodit. Kuivaa salaattilingossa tai keittiopyyhkeellä. Ripottele päälle suola, kaada hieman etikkaa ja öljyä ja hiero lehtiä, kunnes ne ovat pehmentyneet (niitä saa hieroa ja puristella ihan kunnolla, jotta ne pehmentyvät riittävästi). Lisää tarvittaessa vielä suolaa, etikkaa ja öljyä sekä halutessasi voit maustaa vielä mustapippurilla.

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