Crispy Shrove Waffles - Rapeat laskiaisvohvelit

Consider yourself warned - if you love your waffles crispy, you will never again use any other recipe. Though if you are accustomed to sweet ones, then you might find them quite different. As there isn't any sugar in the batter, you can serve them either with a savoury or a sweet filling, just as you like. I usually serve mine with ice cream. The recipe is from Rutiga kokboken, which was my first cookbook. I got it as a Christmas present from my father when I was living on my own for the first year.

The recipe is quite straight-forward: just a couple ingredients (no eggs!) and just mixing it all up and then the waffling! I have made these using different waffle irons and they have always gotten crispy. I think the secret to the crispiness is the mineral water and not using eggs. I put a few in the oven (100 C with convection) on the metal racks and they stayed crispy while I made the other waffles (but I think they start to dry out quite soon, so don't leave them too long there).

This time I served these crispy waffles like Shrove buns (or this version): I crossbred the Shrove Tuesday with Pancake Tuesday and came with the idea of a Shrove waffle, yummy!  I added 1/2 tsp ground cardamom and 1 Tbsp sugar to the batter and served the crispy waffles with almond paste thinned with milk and whipped cream.

We had a lovely Saturday: the sun was shining on the recently fallen snow, we went skiing on the nearby bay (on ice) and then later with Foxtail for a walk. It starts to feel like spring is in the air.

Crispy Waffles (makes appr. six five-heart waffles)

100 g all-purpose flour
100 ml milk
40 g butter, melted
1 tsp baking powder
125 ml sparkling water

optional (for Shrove waffles):
Add to the batter:1/2 tsp ground cardamom and 1 Tbsp sugar

100 g almond paste / marzipan + 50 ml milk
200 ml whipping cream+ 1 tsp vanilla sugar + 2 tsp sugar
toasted almond flakes
confectioner's sugar

Mix the flour with milk, half of the sparkling water and melted, slightly cooled butter (and cardamom and sugar). Let the batter rest at least half an hour. Add the baking powder and the rest of the sparkling water just when you're about to start baking the waffles.

Bake the waffles and eat them straight up after they come from the waffle iron. Serve with ice cream, maple syrup, apple sauce, jam... or with a savoury filling.

For Shrove waffles: grate the almold paste and mix it with milk to create an even, spreadable paste. Whip the cream and flavour it with the sugars. Serve the waffles with almond paste, cream and toasted almond flakes and dust the waffles with confectioner's sugar.

Erityisen rapeat laskiaisvohvelit

100 g vehnäjauhoja (n. 1,75 dl)
1 dl maitoa
40 g voita, sulatettuna
1 tl leivinjauhetta
1,25 dl kivennäisvettä

Lisää taikinaan 1/2 tl kardemummaa ja 1 rkl sokeria

100 g mantelimassaa + 0,5 dl maitoa
2 dl kuohukermaa + 1 tl vaniljasokeria ja 2 tl sokeria
paahdettuja mantelilastuja

Sekoita jauhoihin maito, puolet kivennäisvedestä ja jäähtynyt voisula (laskiaisvohveleihin lisäksi myös sokeri ja kardemumma. Anna turvota jääkaapissa ainakin 30 min. Lisää leivinjauhe ja loput kivennäisvedestä juuri ennen kuin alat paistaa vohveleita.

Lämmitä vohvelirauta ja paista vohvelit. Nauti heti paiston jälkeen. Tarjoile jäätelön, vaahterasiirapin, omenasoseen, hillon tai vaikka suolaisen täytteen kanssa.

Tai laskiaisvohvelina: raasta mantelimassa ja sekoita se maidon kanssa levitettäväksi tahnaksi. Vatkaa kerma vaahdoksi ja mausta sokereilla. Tarjoile vohvelien seurana lisäksi paahdettuja mantelilastuja ja koristele tomusokerilla.

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