Dammsugare - Punsch rolls


The treat of last weekend's princess wedding party, punsch rolls, are also called dammsugare in Swedish, meaning "vacuum cleaner". Their shape actually reminds me of some old vacuum cleaner model. As they are a Swedish treat, they are quite sweet (Swedish food is generally sweeter than Finnish), but the sweet taste is balanced well with a lovely undertone of punsch. I was once (and still am) positively surprised when I discovered that oat flakes were on the ingredient list. Such a seemingly sinful filling consisting of oat flakes... plus some sugar, butter and cocoa (but still... oat flakes, how healthy :D)

Cake/cookie/cupcake crumbles can be used instead of oats if available. I had some extra pieces of cake in the freezer so I used that in filling, but you can also left it out completely to get a glutenfree treat (if using glutenfree oats). If you don't want to make them yourself, they sell these also in Ikea. Smaklig måltid!



Dammsugare - Punsch rolls (makes appr. 10 rolls)

(adapted from Moster bakar)

60 g oat flakes/rolled oats
20 g left-over cake
40 g butter
25 g sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
2 Tbsp cocoa powder (e.g. Van Houten)
3-4 Tbsp arrack punsch
200 g green marzipan
50 g dark chocolate, melted

Mix oatflakes and cake into crumbles. Mix in butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and cocoa powder. Add half of the punsch and mix. Add either rest of the punsch or water according to taste to get a paste. Roll into a bar with the help of baking paper etc. Put into the fridge to harden a bit.

Roll the marzipan between sheets of baking paper into a thin sheet. If it tends to stick a lot, dust some sugar to it. Roll the filling inside the marzipan. Pinch at the seam of the marzipan and roll a bit. Cut into 10 pieces. Dip the ends into chocolate and place on a rack and put it to the fridge for some time. Enjoy with afternoon coffee, best in the company of other princesses.

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