A year of cooking

Happy New Year! 

Though 2013 is already gone, I don't want to give it up yet. As most of the bloggers have done their sum ups of the last year, I didn't have time to do this earlier. I don't want to summarize what I've posted here already (you can just shuffle the archives for that. I'm such a lazy blogger, so it can be done in an instant). This post is dedicated to stuff that didn't make it here (no comments.. :D)

Dorayaki: The batter has more sugar than ordinary pancake batter and they browned quite quickly on the frying pan...

I didn't have small enough piping tip ( Religieuse v.2.0)

Ispahan macarons - haven't had the energy to post the recipe

English muffins baked with the help of tuna cans on a hot griddle

Wagashi which look like sea creatures

Kabocha kuri kinton (the puree was way too watery)

Purple Sweet Potato & Sesame Marble Cake (the recipe had too much sweet potato powder, I'd guess, so the colour is too dark) -planning a new try

More wagashi: the rice balls ended up being rock-hard

Tomatoes in kanten jelly - tastes exactly like one would imagine...

Ukishima: I tried substituting dried fruit for sugared beans...

Pumpkin Yōkan

Snowskin moon cakes


Purple sweet potato cookies

Yummy salmon pastrami

Matcha Black Sesame Opera

Salmon omelette...

...baked in oven - this is why I never blogged it :D

A Book Cake for my friend

Asparagus salad

Avocado risotto with all sorts of spring vegetables

Mother's Day Cake

Blanched nettles

French chocolate cookies

Rhubarb cheesecake

Foxtail's birthday cake (Mille crepe cake) 
I was superthrilled about the wild yellow raspberries we found

Coffee jelly


Kasutera (some problems with the surface... ) - trying again when I have time

Sweet & Sour Chicken -  post coming up later

Bubble Tea & bad luck cooking the tapioka pearls

Findings from IKEA: Seaweed caviar and mini croustades

Pumpkin pudding (recipe from Cooking with Dog)

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