Matcha & Yogurt Minibundts

I just can't live with this. I need light!!! It's dark all day long even though (/as) Winter Solstice was 10 days ago. It's not getting any brighter at all. I need snow!!! As Christmas is over, it seems I can't deal with this snowless winter. It's just too dark. When I go to work, it's dark and when I return home it's dark. The only time I might glimpse light is during my lunch hour as my office doesn't have windows. I can't take proper photos, since I take my photos with natural light.

Sorry, that was the rant part, now back to business. Again I'm baking something with matcha *heart* I was supposed to bake these for Christmas, but then I ran out of time. The recipe is Food Librarian's  with minor adjustments: I used slightly more matcha (1 Tbsp) and instead of creme fraiche and olive oil  I used Turkish yogurt and rapeseed oil, respectively. I made one third of the original batch (and got 7 minibundts). Next time I would cut down sugar at least 20 %. My baking method also differed a bit: I beat the egg with the sugar and then added oil, after which the dry ingredients and yogurt.

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