Mustikkarahka - Blueberry Quark

If I had to choose three ingredients to eat for the rest of my life, they would probably be (not necessarily in this order) bread, apples and quark. I love quark! It's a sour milk product and used throughout Eastern Europe (correct me if I'm wrong). It's hard to describe but maybe the most accurate one would be: like fat-free slightly sour cream cheese (but then again not any farther than Estonia they have quark that's not fat-free). Check Wikipedia if you're interested.

I love quark with berries, in baking, in pancakes... It is such a versatile food and high on protein. I'm not saying this might evolve into mini-series on how I eat my quark, but as it's something I regularly eat, it might. Though most often I'm boring and eat it with berries and a dash of sugar and if I have cream on hand...

This time I ate it with... BLUEBERRIES (what a surprise considering the picture above...)

Blueberry Quark 

(recipe of a sort, please feel free to change anything apart from the quark ;) )

250 g (fat-free or lowfat) quark
whipping cream (any amount from 0-100 ml), whipped to soft peaks
blueberries or bilberries (or any other)
sugar to taste

Mix everything together. (If I use cream, I first mix that with the quark and then add the berries and sugar to taste). Can be served as a breakfast, snack, dessert etc...

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