Hokkaido Milk Bread (Tangzhong method) version 2.1

Isn't it ironic? When I finally succeeded, it was the version I wasn't expecting to be good. I just wanted to try with my "routine" flour. I knew I didn't probably have enough cream. I wanted to use the recipe from my latest experiment (version 2.0) and so I started baking, I made tangzhong, then mixed the liquids, added flour on top ( I made this with my bread machine), added all other ingredients. Then I reached from the yeast and remembered that last time I had used nearly all of it. The yeast measured scant 1 teaspoonful. I had baked this bread previously with slightly more yeast than that and they had been dense and underbaked...

Due to a bank holiday all nearby shops were closed. Then I remembered I might have a small piece of fresh yeast in the fridge. I reached for the top shelf and there it was: a small piece covered by paper. I opened the package: it was dried out as I had expected. I carved out the dry parts and weighed the piece: 8 g. Not enough... But as I had already mixed the other ingredients, I decided to advance: I pushed some flour to uncover the liquid part in the bottom of the pan, crumbled the small piece of fresh yeast there, mixed it a bit, then poured the dry yeast on top the flour and started the machine feeling I was already losing the battle.

Against all odds the bread ended up perfect: soft, fluffy, tasty... I'll still have to discover the recipe using either fresh or dry yeast, as it seems too めんどくさい (translates loosely as troublesome in Japanese) to use them both.

Hokkaido Milk Bread version 2.1 (with no Rainbow flour): perfect!!!

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