Blueberry Lime Mini Bundts

Note to self: When blogging try not to edit your posts too long or you'll forget to post them and they go out-of-date. This post is just like that.

Every year in July I get blueberry madness (or maybe it's some primeval instinct). I go "hunting" in forests having my armour (hoodie, scarf and mosquito repellant) and gear (usually plastic buckets). Nowadays I live in a too-urban environment, so I can't just go ex tempore but have to plan my trips with some thought. During those times I could just have a moment's inspiration and go, even twice a day sometimes. My almost-sister-in-law calls it blueberry therapy and I'd guess that's what it is. There is just something calming about the forest, you squatting there amidst the wild blueberry bushes, blowing a lone mosquito from your hand or face every now and then. Then when your back has had enough, or you've had enough of mosquito bites, you say good-bye to those bushes still having plenty of berries to be picked, and head home. A few hours later you start thinking about the berries you left in the forest... there were still so many... maybe someone else will find them... and a moment later you notice how you've dressed again to those blueberry stained trousers and put your cap on.

If you get the same madness, here's something you could use your blueberries/bilberries on. (Though most of my blueberries will end up in the freezer to vitaminize my quark or viili during the long dark winter months.)

Blueberry Lime Mini Bundts

105 g plus 1 teaspoon all-purpose flour
15 g potato starch
3/4 teaspoons baking powder
75 g butter, at room temperature
80 g granulated sugar
Zest of 1/2 lime
1 egg, at room temperature
1/8 tsp vanilla extract (a few drops if you don't have 1/4 tsp measuring spoon)
70 ml buttermilk
120 g wild blueberries

Mix 105 g all-purpose flour, potato starch and baking powder. Cream butter, sugar and lime zest. Add the egg in portions and whisk fervently. If the mixture curdles just keep on whisking. Add flour and buttermilk+vanilla extract in 2-3 batches. (Make sure the flour is incorporated well before adding the liquid). Avoid stirring too much as you might get hard cakes. Fold blueberries in the batter and divide to muffin or minicake pan. Bake in 175 C for 25-30 min.

See also the results of my blueberry madness from a year ago: Mustikkatyynyt and Pumpulinpehmeä mustikkajuustokakku and from two years ago: Blueberry Muffins and Jogurttileivokset (as you can notice, most are in Finnish).

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