Foxtail Link Love

I've just returned from a day trip to Estonia and should be tired, but anyway I find myself browsing the net, sleepless, so I might as well do something useful (ie. post you some links I've been saving for later). Sweet dreams!


I find astronomical phenomena extremely interesting. When I checked the daylength some time ago I noticed an interesting fact that the latest sunrise nor the earliest sunset doesn't happen at Winter Solstice. I'm not quite sure I understood why it's so, but it's still, very interesting.

Oh, did you know that Audrey Hepburn danced ballet?

I love to read about relationships between the Japanese and Westerners.


Oh, crispy sweet potatoes...
Have you ever heard of tiger bread (though it seems more of a leopard bread)?
I'm dreaming of training my patisserie skills for a while...
I've never succeeded in making onsen tamago. These instructions seem quite simple, maybe I should give it try tomorrow (for Sunday mornings are perfect for eggs as breakfast).

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