Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Avocado is such a versatile vegetable/fruit. If you've been browsing the internet/Pinterest/Instagram at all lately, you already know about these avocado chocolate puddings/mousses, so let jump to something I didn't quite know about.

I've been using non-alkalized cocoa powder (e.g. Fazer's) ever since I realized there are two types of cocoa powders. I got to know about it a couple of years ago when I read about Red Velvet Cake: that the origin of the cake came from the fact that non-alkalized cocoa shifts the cake's colour to reddish brown in certain pH. I then tried it (didn't quite succeed in it, so had to revert to plan B: red food colouring...), but what I did discover then was that the taste in non-alkalized cocoa is much sweeter and moister, compared to that of alkalized (=Dutch processed).

Then I happily forgot about the two types, and this week I just took the one the shop had (they were selling only one kind of cocoa powder there). When I was making this pudding I had maybe 1 teaspoon left of Fazer's and when I opened the Dutch processed cocoa package, I saw immediately what a difference in colour there was. And the taste of the resulting pudding was somehow more deeper but also somehow more aggressive compared to the puuding made with non-alkalized cocoa. Of course it's good if the chocolate taste is strong, but... I still prefer the taste of Fazer's, at least on this kind of a pudding. Here it affcts only taste, but in baking it really matters which cocoa powder you choose. Have you ever even considered this?!


Avocado Chocolate Pudding

2 portions

1 avocado, chilled
1/2 big banana (or 1 small), frozen
1 tsp lemon or orange juice
2-4 Tbsp cocoa powder
1-2 Tbsp milk (I've used regular and almond milk)
~1 tsp birch sugar/maple syrup/other sweetener, to taste
grated orange peel (optional)

Blend everything together. Add more cocoa if you want a stronger chocolate taste and more milk if the pudding is too thick to blend easily. Decorate with cocoa powder, almonds or berries.



1 avokado
1/2 iso banaani (tai 1 pieni), pakastettu
1 tl sitruuna- tai appelsiinimehua
2-4 rkl kaakaojauhetta
1-2 rkl (manteli)maitoa
~1 tl koivusokeria, vaahterasiirappia tai muuta makeutusta, maun mukaan
(raastettua appelsiinin kuorta)

Soseuta kaikki ainekset esim. sauvasekoittimella. Lisää tarvittaessa kaakaota jos haluat voimakkaamman suklaan maun ja maitoa, jos seos tuntuu liian paksulta. Koristele esim. kaakaojauheella, manteleilla tai marjoilla.

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