Talkkunahyve - Blueberry Quark Dessert

As the berry picking season is still on (though not anymore for blueberries) I wanted to share this old-time favorite. Already quite early this summer I had a feeling this year would be a good blueberry year and so it was ^^). Though partly my happiness was shaded by the fact that blueberry forests are usually swarming with ticks here in coastal Finland. I've lost count how many ticks I've already taken from Foxtail's fur (luckily only five or so have been attached; this morning I found one on the floor :/ ). Maybe it's not very appetizing to talk about ticks here but just a warning...

A few words on talkkuna: it's roasted flour of usually mixed grains: oat, barley, rye, sometimes even  pea... The mixture depends on the area: in my home region the most traditional one is made of only oats (my choice too). Talkkuna gives this dish a nice nutty, roasted flavour and makes the texture more robust. You can find talkkuna e.g. in Finnish supermarkets. In addition to this dish, you can eat talkkuna in a variety of ways: mixed with yoghurt, milk, sourmilk, ice cream even... You could also make an instant porridge using a hot juice as talkkuna is precooked and roasted so it doesn't need any cooking time.

Mustikkahyve aka talkkunahyve - Blueberry Quark Dessert with Talkkuna Flour

Serves 3-4.

100 g blueberries, fresh or thawed
250 g quark
1-2 Tbsp sugar (or according to taste)
(1-2 Tbsp milk)
100 ml whipping cream
0,75-1 dl (35-50 g) talkkuna flour (roasted oat/barley/rye flour mix, sometimes with pea flour too. As I'm from Tavastia area, I'm using talkkuna made from pure oat)

Mix the berries with quark, sugar and talkkuna. (Add some milk, if the mixture seems too thick to be folded into the whipped cream.) Whip the cream to soft peaks and fold in the quark mixture. Add more sugar if needed.

P.S. Despite the ticks, Foxtail is OK :)

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