Crispy Oat Topping

I've told many times that I love oats (like a horse does I imagine ^^). I eat them plain with milk or yogurt, I cook oat porridge every morning and love to include oats in the dough when baking rolls etc. I understand that not all like them plain, so I've come up with this crispy, granola-style oat topping.

It's so simple and yummy I want to put everywhere: on yogurt, on berries, on ice cream, even on my porridge!!! You can also eat it granola-style: then this amount makes 1 big or 2 small portions. If you want to add more textures to it, you could also add nuts or seeds (like almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds...). The trick is though that this simple version is very good too: crunchy crispy oat flakes, with a hint of caramel from maple syrup.

It has just three ingredients, so you might already have them at hand? You are 5 minutes from a delicious, healthy breakfast choice! It has fiber, good fats and just a small amount of sugars (from maple syrup). You can also double or triple the recipe easily if you want to make more, as the amounts are 1 this and that. Just as long as you have a big enough frying pan to toast the flakes. It keeps well a couple of weeks in a closed jar.

I've just recovered from a flu and start to feel energetic again. We are having a dog guest for the winter holidays here and his first night went very smoothly. It's nice having a dog here in the kitchen once again, even if just for a while. Happy cooking and have a nice weekend!

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Crispy Oat Topping

Crunchy, crispy and simple topping to sprinkle on yogurt, berries, ice cream or porridge!!! Or you can even eat it granola-style with milk.

  • 100 ml oat flakes (preferably big-sized, not instant)
  • 1 tsp coldpressed rapeseed oil
  • 1 tsp honey or maple syrup

  1. Toast the oat flakes on a dry frying pan on medium high heat for a few minutes until the flakes get toasty and fragrant, but not burned.
  2. Add oil and honey/syrup and mix until evenly corporated. Let cool completely.
  3. Sprinkle on top of your yogurt, porridge, berries or stewed apples or top with milk.

Rapea kauramuru

Rapea kauramuru ripoteltavaksi jogurtin, marjojen, jäätelön tai vaikka puuron päälle! Tai sen voi syödä myös granolan tyyliin maidon kanssa.

  • 1 dl (isoja) kaurahiutaleita
  • 1 tl kylmäpuristettua rypsiöljyä
  • 1 tl hunajaa tai vaahterasiirappia

  1. Paahda hiutaleita hetki kuumalla, kuivalla paistinpannulla, kunnes niistä nousee paahteinen tuoksu.
  2. Älä anna niiden palaa. Lisää öljy ja hunaja/siirappi ja sekoita tasaiseksi. Anna jäähtyä kokonaan.
  3. Ripottele jogurtin, puuron, marjojen tai haudutettujen omenien päälle tai nauti maidon kera.

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