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Oh boy, oh boy, it's so lovely being on holiday (despite the un-summer-y weather)! I visited Stockholm last weekend and after that I spent some days around the coastal area in southern Finland. Finally I have time to do stuff that has been on my to-do list for ages (like paint my chairs, organize my closets and trash my camera, oops!!! well, the latter one wasn't on my to-do list: I fell, mainly because of Foxtail, and got bruises, scrapes and even a laceration on my jaw AND I broke my 50 mm lens), finish some blog posts, read books, see films and meet friends and browse some more internet...

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I just love her blog! You should check these awesome views. One day I want to go there...


OMG! It seems that porridges are the new trend also here in Helsinki. My mom seemed quite sceptical a year ago when I told her of my business idea of opening a small porridge joint. Now there seems to be opening up new places (like mushrooms after a rain = Finnish proverb, not sure if English has any similar, but I hope you'll get the idea^^)
You should check this if coming to Helsinki (the locations vary! Follow them on social media to find where they are)

I want to try this, this and this (actually I want to try everything, her blog is awesome and her taste in food seems similar to mine :D )

Something I should have investigated ages ago... As I make it probably 400 times/year...


The article is in Finnish (it's about how everyone are looking for a perfect (looking) significant other, and the headline is (of course) how "grade" 7 women are looking for "grade" 10 men.. how chauvinistic as the same applies for men too... even according to the article, just not according to the headlines)

And how interesting it is to read about the Japanese society and gender related stuff. The same goes for Western countries too, but I'd guess it's more pronounced in Japan, which makes me realize it happening here too. We are always telling that gender equality is so developed here in Finland but always after reading this kind of things it makes me so sad.

"Some girls are praised constantly, others never. Many jump to the conclusion that the former are happy, the latter unhappy. However, it may be that those girls and women who are always complimented become obsessed with their own market value as females and in fact end up hindered in their ability to live free, autonomous lives."

And then again... it's so lovely... the solitude I mean:

Enjoy the summer while it still lasts!

heart, Yukiko & Foxtail

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