Dinner at the Restaurant Näsinneula

Last Mother's Day I had promised to take my mother for a dinner to Restaurant Näsinneula as a mother's day present. It took me only 4 months to accomplish that :P Lately I've been having quite many dinners there, but this was the first dinner I paid for. The food was supergood as always, the service superb and the portions so beautiful and more than enough to fill our stomachs. In addition to the great food one can admire the views over Tampere while the restaurant rotates around.

We took the Tampere Menu - a 6-course dinner. There are wine menus to accompany all the menus, but this time we had wine only with the main course and I took Late Harvest Tokaji with the dessert. Last year I had tasted Steininger Grüner Veltliner and it became then immediately my favorite wine. They had it on the list, so of course I had to choose it now too.

The lighting wasn't optimal this time for my photography skills, as the day was a bit cloudy and the sun had nearly set. Odd that in my pic with Näsinneula Tower the sky seems so clear?? Some of the pics are a bit dark as the ones with longer exposure times seemed a bit off-focus so I decided to choose the darker ones instead. I tried to memorize the components of every course, but it seems they are easily forgotten...

Black salsify soup with lingonberry milk froth

Pork from Paija:
Pork neck with potato cake, chanterelles, kale and some superyummy purée and sauce

Mojito sorbet with mint snow

Pan fried pikeperch from Lake Vanajavesi, crab-pikeperch cake, dill&cauliflower purée, caramelized fennel, crab-dill butter sauce

I forgot to take the photo and so I had already tasted to other cheese before I took this photo: Local cheeses (brie-type Väinö(?) and smoked cheese Savu-Hilma from Mouhijärvi)

Sea buckthorn purée and pecan ice cream with meringue cake, liquorice (?) marshmallow and (pecan?) nougat

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