Gingerbread Chocolate - Piparisuklaa

I was so disappointed when I learned Fazer had given up making gingerbread chocolate. It was the best Christmas chocolate ever and I had to have it every Christmas. I don't like most of the Christmas-spiced chocolates (maybe it's the taste of cloves?). I don't like the recent versions (winter editions?) of Fazer either and I don't like gingerbread Dumles (but I actually like Fazer's Joulusuklaa that are individually wrapped chocolates with cinnamon taste). But nothing compares to gingerbread chocolate: it was perfectly spiced with crunchy gingerbread cookie pieces.

This year I decided to create my own gingerbread chocolate as how difficult could it be. And it was so simple: "Annas pepparkakor" were the right choice for gingerbread and Fazer's milk chocolate was of course the obvious pick. This is so simple a recipe I'm not even sure if I should post it :D I made the chocolate with two ratios of gingerbread. Both were equally good, I can't pick which one I prefer.

Copycat Fazer Gingerbread Chocolate

100 g melted milk chocolate

15 g finely crushed gingerbread cookies
or 30 g not so finely crushed gingerbread cookies

Mix gingerbread crumbs to melted chocolate and pour to a mold. Place in fridge until hard enough to cut it. Cut into desired pieces.

Fazerin piparisuklaa

100 g sulatettua maitosuklaata

15 g hienoa piparimurskaa
tai 30 g ei-niin-hienoa piparimurskaa

Sekoita piparimurska sulatettuun suklaaseen ja kaada massa jähmettymään muottiin tms. Suklaa kannattaa jäähdyttää jääkaapissa ennen leikkaamista.

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