Xmas Crafts: Himmeli - Straw Mobile

Lately I've been feeling very energetic (I don't recall that being a very normal state at this time of year, when it seems to be dark all the time (the daylight hours are passed at work...). I've been channeling my energy in Christmas planning, making decorations, dinner plans, etc.

One thing I've wanted to try for years, is making a straw mobile called himmeli. It's a traditional Christmas decoration here in Finland, usually made with real straw (as the name might suggest) and it's been gaining more popularity recently. Two years ago I tried it with real straw but the material seemed quite difficult and I didn't have enough time to finish it for Christmas, so the project was on hold until now. This time I found plastic straws thin enough (in Sinelli) and one weeknight I just started cutting them and then compiling. I was astonished how quick and easy it actually was and am very happy with the result.


You'll need: plastic straws, a long needle, white thread, scissors
(if you want to use real straw, it should be soaked in water for some time before cutting it to avoid it splintering)

Cut the straws into:
Twelve 12 cm long pieces
Seventy-two 7 cm long pieces
Sixty 4 cm long pieces
Five 1 cm long pieces

Compile one big diamond-shaped basic unit* (from 12 cm long pieces), 6 medium-sized and 5 small. Attach 4 medium ones to the side corners of the big unit and one in the middle using a 1 cm long piece in between. Attach the remaining medium sized in the lowest corner without the 1 cm piece. Attach the small units to the medium units hanging in the side and lower corners. Hang your himmeli on the ceiling e.g. by the window.

*How to make a basic unit:

String three straw pieces and make a double knot to tie them together into a triangle.
*String two more pieces and make a loop twice around the corner.*

Repeat *--* until you have used 11 pieces.

Add one piece more...

... and tie a knot using the thread of the first knot to make a three-dimentional form (sort of a pyramid with two triangles on sides).

Tie the two "side triangles" together and leave the thread for hanging the unit.

Instructions from: http://asuntomessut.fi/ps-putkeen-meni/2015/12/20/joulun-odotusta-tee-se-itse-himmeli-ja-ohjeet-himmelin-tekoon/

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