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Mushroom Miso Risotto

I like how mushrooms are used in Asian cuisine: their flavour is often enhanced using other umami-rich ingredients and not hidden under tremendous amounts of butter and cream. If you've tasted Japanese dishes such as kinoko gohan or okowa with mushrooms, you know what I'm talking about. I wanted to bring those tastes to this risotto.

Many people tend to think that risottos are unhealthy. I mean, of course the ones you order at a restaurant are full of butter, cheese and sometimes even cream, but so are many other restaurant foods too and still we make them at home. I like to create healthy and lighter options (such as this or this) which can be enjoyed on a day-to-day basis. This risotto is also one of those: it has plenty of umami coming from the mushroom and miso paste, but only a minimal amount of cream and cheese (if any!).

Another misconception about risotto is how laborious it is: they tell you how it needs constant stirring. Of course you need to stir it every now and …

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