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Strawberry Shortcake

Isn't there just some kind of magic in the word "shortcake"? It sounds somehow magical, very traditional and utterly delicious. I immediately start thinking about a Victorian tea party, in the summer, in a lovely English garden... As a non-native speaker it sounded also a bit funny at first: short+cake, what's that? (And I have no idea what could be the term in Finnish, help!) When I was looking for the most perfect recipe (as always), I came upon this article. It's about the history of strawberry shortcakes and very interesting (at least to someone who's interested in food and history :D).

The recipe for the shortcake strikes resemblance to scones. As you might know I'm obsessed with scones, so I was really looking forward to making (and eating) these! And they are as good as you can imagine (or better!)! Think about it: sort of a scone, with juicy strawberries and softly-whipped cream... Can't go wrong. Can any dessert say more summer and tea and …

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