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Lemon Drizzle Poppy Seed Cake

Imagine an acidic lemon candy in a cake form! This cake is so lemony that it almost makes your eyes to squint when you eat it (in a good way)! (If you have the same trait as I have when eating sour foods :D I can't sometimes help it: especially my right eye closes if I'm eating very sour foods like UFO candies or real lemonade). The tartness comes from the lemon drizzle syrup that's poured on the cake after baking it. It also helps the cake to stay incredibly moist!!!

I've heard countless praises of lemon + poppy seed combination so it was time for me to try it. It's not at all common combination in Finnish baking, and I don't think I've ever seen poppyseeds in any cakes/muffins/etc. in Finland. The only bakery item they are used in (or rather on), are breakfast rolls, which might be sprinkled with them. In this cake they add a nice contrast to the light-coloured cake and they also add a nice crunch. In this recipe I wanted to combine the British home baki…

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