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Green Herbed Quinoa

Despite I'm feeling dead-tired after having worked A LOT overtime recently and after all the organizing of the new apartment (we still have lots to do; I need to clean and do laundry today), I still want to post you this great quinoa recipe!!! Seriously, it's that good and needs to be posted before on St Patrick's Day as a last minute tip on what to serve. I feel also so enthusiastic about this place and was so curious to see what the photos look like.

It was a pure chance my mother used quinoa instead of couscous for a green couscous salad recipe last summer. I think she put some avocado to it, but I'm not sure. The original recipe is from a Swedish food magazine Allt om Mat ("everything about food"). It has always so good recipes. If you understand Swedish, I really recommend it. After that I've tweaked the recipe even more by adding edamame to make it a proper meal, not just a side dish. The amount of herbs might seem gigantic, but I really recommend…

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