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Year 2018

Happy New Year! I tried to have this post ready already last year to not recollect old memories on New Year but now here it is...


In January we visited the kennel where Toddybear was later born. I posted recipes of talkkunanäkkileipä (crispbread made from "talkkuna", a kind of roasted flour), crispbread pizza and gugelhupf. I cooked also Mifu and posted some photos from our spring 2017 trip to Italy.


In February I posted a Runeberg Torte comparison and a plant-based milk test, cooked Chocolate&Zucchini's Winter Vegetable Curry, crispy oat topping, hot chocolate cappuccino-style and also the best sausage soup.


In March I was finally ready to post a memorial for Foxtail, a year after his passing. I cooked creamy celery soup (to make use of that left-over celery!), Japanese Soufflé Pancakes (while dreaming of our trip to Japan), some wagashi and gateau magique. We travelled in Japan.


In April we were still travelling in Japan. Once we had retur…

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