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Whipped Lingonberry Porridge - Puolukkavispipuuro

Edit: This is a new, edited post (see the first version from 5 years ago). I wanted to have nicer photos and also the recipe by volume (I was once in trouble when I needed to make it without a kitchen scale).

Lingonberries definitely belong to my autumn: these tart and a bit bitter red berries taste good with both sweet and savoury foods. My all-time favorite lingonberry recipe is "whipped porridge": a semolina porridge cooked with lingonberry juice or with whole berries. This porridge is a traditional Finnish recipe. Usually it's eaten cold or at room-temperature, not hot as porridges usually. It's best with ice-cold milk. I love the combination: like pink islands floating in a sea of milk :)

I suggest you sieve the berry skins out of the cooked liquid before adding the semolina (in some recipes the skins are left in the juice which results in a bit more rustic porridge: the taste will be stronger and the colour is also darker. I'd guess it's also hea…

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