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Apple & Bean Ukishima

Last spring in Japan I remembered my love for making wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) (yes, I know it's funny to forget one's passion) and I immediately wanted to start trying new techniques and recipes. I bought tons of new equipment (I will later do a post on those I promise!). After returning to Finland I still haven't tried making but a few wagashi. It's quite a lot of work if you are making them without readymade anko paste as you mostly need to prepare it first (happy you, if you can find it from a store).

Ukishima means a floating island in Japanese, but in terms of wagashi it means a type of steamed cake. You can bake it in a rectangular cake pan and then cut it into individual portions or you could also bake it in muffin cups. Muffin cups are especially handy if you haven't got a big steamer or a very small cake tin. Finnish milk cartons are actually a perfect size to make your own small cake mold for this: Cut one side off and cut the carton to suit…

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