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Lingonberry Mousse Cake - Puolukkamoussekakku

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! I wish I could send this cake to you! I made this cake actually for Valentine's Day and took it to work. (No! I didn't give it to a specific colleague LOL.) In Finland Valentine's Day is actually called "Friend's Day" so I took the cake to ALL of my colleagues. (Well, not exactly to all, but the ones I work with most at the time. My apologies to the 4th floor colleagues, I will bring you the same cake this week!!!).

I love the combination of the sweet mascarpone layer (which tastes like having white chocolate to it!) and the slightly tart lingonberry mousse on top of it. They go so well together! I find the gelatin amount perfect in this cake; it makes the cake stable enough but not too jiggly (I don't like no-bake cheesecakes to have that jigglyness of a jelly). A cheesecake should be soft and creamy instead, like this cake.

I had thought not posting it, as I didn't take any photos and having all the moving things in mind, b…

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