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Oh so Fresh and Gorgeously Green Pea Risotto

This risotto gets its gorgeous bright green colour and creaminess from freshly made pea puree. It's so full of lovely pea flavour that you should be making it right now. (If you have time, you can read a story about a pea risotto (otherwise just skip straight to the recipe :D).

I once ordered pea risotto at one of Turku's famous restaurants. The weather was very nice: warm and sunny so we went to sit on a terrace. After that everything started going wrong. Because of the nice weather the restaurant was full of customers and there seemed to be some kind of a private party inside the restaurant too. We were quite thirsty from walking around the town, so we ordered first some water. After some considerable waiting time our ever-changing waiter came to take our orders thrice (and it was the same waiter twice!). Every time we asked for some water but no water came. Then we were offered some other customers' foods. But still no water.

Then eventually the risotto arrived: it loo…

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