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菊・Chrysanthemum Wagashi

After remembering my passion for making wagashi, this is the other thing I've tried. I'm not very skillful making this kind of small beautiful things which require lots of details etc. That would need lots of practice and I'm too hasty for that. So then I'm not happy with how they look (and also the case here and on those shiba inu rice cakes on my IG story last weekend). Despite all that I just love how the finished wagashi looks as the pink nerikiri shines through the white nerikiri. It give wagashi a very delicate look in my opinion (despite my non-existent wagashi making skills...).

It's so dark every day here; the days are short and cloudy and it's raining all the time. I'm just waiting for snow... The happy thing is, November is almost half past so happy November (and even more happy waiting for it to pass :D). How are you coping with November?

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