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I don't know why I always get so fascinated about royal weddings. I don't think I'm the bridezilla kind of a person (I at least hope not to be! Right???) This will be the third weekend in row with a wedding (well this time I'm not invited :D). The last two weeks have been crazy, so many weddings, flights, countries that my head is still spinning. And the action won't stop here, we are having a guest from Germany and spending the weekend at the seaside cottage.

So after all the crazy weeks, despite all the hype from the yellow press, the royal wedding seems to come out of nowhere and I haven't had time to plan for anything. Maybe I could throw a party afterwards, invite friends to come over and then watch the wedding "from the tape".

Anyway, I've compiled my best British or wedding themed posts to give you some last minute tips if you're preparing a wedding feast in front of the TV.

How about making an afternoon tea themed party with cucumber…

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