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Mämmi Mud Cake - Mämmimutakakku

Easter is approaching! Have you tried mämmi, traditional Finnish Easter dessert? It's malted rye pudding and can be made without sugar if one is lucky and patient enough (it depends on the malting process). I've posted a recipe many years ago, so if you can't buy mämmi anywhere (the chances outside Finland are probably very scarce...), you could basically try making it yourself (if you can find malted rye... that might be another problem...). Mämmi has lots of fiber so it's a very healthy dessert option in that sense.

Mämmi divides people: others love it, others hate it. I love it: eaten with cream poured on top of it, a small spoonful at a time so that every spoonful is coated with cream. Some add sugar too, but I prefer to eat it with the sweetness it already has (unless it's "no added sugar" variety). The sweetness comes naturally to it as starches are broken down to sugars during the malting process. You can find organic mämmis in Finland that don…

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