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Pasta e ceci - Chickpea Pasta Stew

This is the best simple pasta dish ever! It's very nutricious, very simple and still full of flavour! Italians know it best when it comes to making delicious food with simple ingredients. I don't know if it's a pasta dish or a thick soup, but it works both ways so you decide. All ingredients are long lasting pantry stuff (except the fresh parsley. Dried rosemary can substitute for fresh and celery and onions last quite long in the fridge.) so it's a very convenient dish to make, when you feel you don't want to go grocery shopping (or can't go). It has saved many of my lunch plans. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver cookbook Jamie's Italy, which I love. Jamie lists fresh parsley here optional. It really amps up the flavour of this dish, so I'm really recommending it (and so I didn't list it as optional). You can switch it to fresh basil also.

The recipe has one celery stalk. I suggest to not skip it, because it's crucial in giving that deep flavour…

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