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Tomato Soup with Curry Spices

This tomato soup is not the traditional one you normally have. It's spiced with curry spices and you can add coconut milk too. My version is quite mildly spiced, since I don't like very spicy foods, but you can vary to spiciness with your curry powder: choose a spicier variant or add some chili, if you want more heat. I've been cooking this for years: in fact I had to rewrite the recipe as the old paper I had initially written it to became too tattered. With that I mean to say: it's delicious and you should try it too! You can make the soup year-round (as it's made from canned tomatoes), but I find it suits best to this time of year: when the autumn starts to feel in the air but the days are still warm.

Happy cooking!

P.S. This tomato soup is meant to be chunky, with the crushed tomatoes and the small onion bits, but if you prefer smooth soups, you can blend it of course.

Tomato Soup with Curry Spices
Author: Tuulia / KitchenfoxtalesPreparation Time: 10 minCooking t…

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