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While it's still strawberry season (and my Mom's birthday), it's time to post this lovely French strawberry cake. Classically it's filled with mousseline cream (which is basically pastry cream with butter whipped in). My version imitates the classic version only in appearance, as I'm not a fan of buttercreams (and sorts) so I made it with lighter yogurt mousse instead.

I've done many cakes with this chiffon cake recipe (in Finnish) but while it is very fluffy, it's also quite durable to cutting. The high middle layer of fraisier cake in between the durable cake sheets made me think that my go-to recipe wouldn't maybe work. So I tried a new recipe in hopes of it bringing a bit denser but also a crumblier result. The cake resulted in being quite porous and light, which is why some of the mousse leaked between the cake and the lining, so I'll try something else the next time.

I used the same springform pan for baking and for assembling the cake but as…

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