Salmon Appetizers

 I love Christmas and its preparations, the festivity and the feel of waiting. How early do you start to preparing for your Christmas? This post is a part of my annual Christmas series on the blog! Check my Christmas Calendar, too!

Just a bit over a week to make Christmas preparations! I'm equally thrilled and petrified of getting everything done. This year we'll be celebrating the holidays at the cottage in the archipelago and it feels so thrilling! If there's one thing I want to eat during Christmas, it's salmon: gravadlax is the way to go, but cold-smoked salmon is a good substitute, too. These Salmon Appetizers bring together two ingredients from the seaside: salmon and "archipelago bread". "The archipelago bread" is sweet, made partly with malted rye, which gives it a special flavour. It goes well with fish. In addition to Christmas, these would be perfect for your New Year Eve Cocktail Party!

Other cocktail party suggestions:
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Salmon Appetizers

makes 16 small pieces

8 slices of dark bread, each about 5x5 cm

150g+50 g smoked salmon
150 g crème fraîche
a small red onion, diced
1 Tbsp lemon juice
a few twigs of fresh dill, chopped (save the prettiest parts for decoration)
black pepper

Chop 150 g salmon finely (save the rest for decorating). Mix with crème fraîche, red onion, lemon juice and dill. Season with black pepper. Place in fridge to let the flavours get even (at least 15-30 minutes) and then check the salt after awhile (salmon is quite salty by itself). Cut the bread slices in half to make them into triangles. Top the slices with salmon topping. Decorate with the rest of the salmon and with a little twig of dill.


16 palaa

8 viipaletta tummaa leipää (saaristolaislimppu tms), leikattuna 5x5 cm paloiksi

150g+50 g kylmäsavustettua lohta
150 g ranskankermaa
pieni punasipuli, hienoksi kuutioituna
1 rkl sitruunamehua
muutama oksa tuoretta tilliä, silputtuna (säästä kauneimmat osat koristeluun)


Hienonna 150 g kylmäsavulohta ja sekoita se ranskankermaan punasipulin, sitruunamehun ja tillin kanssa. Mausta pippurilla. Anna makujen tasaantua jääkaapissa hetki (n. 15-30 min) ja tarkista suola. Leikkaa leipäpalat kolmioiksi ja lusikoi täyte keoiksi niiden päälle. Koristele lopulla lohella ja tillillä.

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